RC Cars


The RC industry has been dominated in recent years by airborne models, but in our opinion you can’t beat a good old RC Car!

Top Race have designed and manufactured a great range of RC cars to every taste, style and specification imaginable. From super-fast racers, to robust rally cars, to stylish sports models and everything in between.

RC Cars are great for running both indoors and outside, and can be equally as fun if you’ve got minimal space for tight manoeuvres, or an open floor to really ramp up the speed! And don’t forget the joy that can be had with homemade ramps and obstacles. Who hasn’t wanted to recreate that ‘driving through a pile of boxes’ scene from the A Team?! RC Cars can be as much fun as your imagination will allow, whether it’s racing a lifelike scale model rally car around your garden, fulfilling your Colin McRae fantasies, or charging your rubber-wheeled stunt car headlong onto a jump ramp for some airborne adrenaline!

Perfect for adults and children alike, RC Cars are so easy to control, and fairly quick to master, making them the ultimate in accessible models for the beginner hobbyist. Equally, they can be a great go-to toy for expert enthusiasts to have a play around with because they’re so environmentally versatile, great for rainy days and long summer evenings alike.

All our RC Cars come with a 2.4GHz transmitter, giving a great operating distance – let your car go where you want without having to run after it all the time! Some of our models can reach stunning straight line speeds, up to 30 mph, whilst others are built for tricks and manoeuvres such as drifts, jumps, sharp corners and even in some cases rolls and bowl corners! If you manage to master any killer moves, don’t forget to film it and share it with us via one of our social media outlets!