RC Construction Vehicles


For all those budding, or frustrated, Bob the Builders out there, we have the perfect selection of RC construction vehicles for you to release your inner labourer!

Featuring lifelike details and sound effects, bright branded colours and totally functional scoops, ploughs and crane arms, these RC construction vehicles are great fun to play with both indoors and outside, and are a firm favourite with children and adults alike!

Suitable for outdoor use, these RC construction vehicles look totally at home in sandpits or, dare we suggest flower beds, as they trundle along on fully operational caterpillar treads that can handle rough terrain, sand, mud and gravel with ease. Use the scoop the collect your building materials and transport them from one end of the garden to the other, creating your very own construction site in miniature. Plus, with built-in, working headlights, you can carry on the fun long after dark! When used indoors, they make a fantastic game of scooping up small items such as dried pasta, sweets, even lego – clearing up the kids’ toys has never been more fun!

Each of our RC construction vehicles come with our standard 2.4GHz transmitter for a great operational range and excellent handling capabilities. They move just like the real thing, forwards, backwards, left, right, and models with a rotating cab unit can spin through a full 360°. All come RTR (Ready To Run), so you can just charge and go! As an added bonus, all Top Race RC construction vehicles have multi-channel controls, meaning that you can play with two or three models simultaneously without interference from each other. Some of our RC construction vehicle models are suitable for children as young as 3 years of age, making them fantastic Christmas or birthday presents that kids, and dads, will love for years to come.