• Top Race® 3-Ch Indoor RC Remote Control Blimp RTF

    RC Blimp - Up, up and away, in this fabulously fun RC Blimp
    Quick Overview


    • Top Race 3-Ch Indoor RC Remote Control Blimp, TR-B202
    • Full Movement: Ascend/Descend, Forward/Backward, Left/Right Rotation, Left/Right Drifting, Up,Down
    • Extremely Durable unique for Indoor use. Cage also protects the helicopter's blades from hitting the wall or ground,
    • Product Size: 12 in. Long by 5 in. Wide, Charge time is about 35 min. for a 12 min. Flight
    • All included ready to fly, 2.4GHz Built-in Double Gyroscope,Transmitter, USB Cable Battery and Charger, Mini screwdriver, Manual




What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? It’s more than likely to be a RC UFO, a fantastically inventive style of airborne RC model which is zooming overhead!

RC UFOs are pretty much just that, unidentifiable flying objects, and as such are unconstrained by design types or styles. Pretty much anything goes, and Top Race have got a fabulous range of quirky, unusual and unique RC UFOs to choose from.

Designing RC UFOs can be great fun, because there’s no specified style to follow, and so our designers here at Top Race can really let their imaginations go wild! From caged helicopter-style single propeller models, to skinless blimps, to flying saucer quad copters – there really is no limits as to what can be created or manufactured under this category. Add flashing LED lights, sound effects and a wide range of manoeuvrability capabilities and you’ve got a range of fantastic RC models that will really help you stand out from the crowd.

All our RC UFOs are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, built from durable materials and tested to ensure a level of robustness and longevity that other manufacturers fall far short of. Our RC UFO designs assimilate technology from all our other ranges, for example taking built-in gyros from our helicopters for improved balance and hovering capabilities, and multi-rotor control from our drones to give you increased aerial manoeuvrability and dexterity for the most complicated tricks.
All our RC UFOs are supplied RTF (Ready to Fly), all you really need to do is charge and go, for instant flying fun! Every model comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter, charging cable, and spare rotor blades and tools as standard. If you would like to ask about any of our RC UFOs, then get in touch with us today; we’re always happy to help.